Easy and practical, here’s how to choose a campus for online colleges


Are you ready to take online courses, but confused about choosing the right campus?

Don’t worry, there are many easy ways you can go about choosing a campus to study online.

Not only locally, you can also choose a campus to study online from universities abroad.

like what? Peek at the steps as quoted by the top colleges below!

1. Check the accreditation status

Although most of the school activities and lectures are carried out online, you cannot choose just the campus.

Consider a number of things before choosing, including checking the accreditation status of the college that interests you.

You can check the accreditation status through the official website of the university and the BAN-PT of local universities.

For campuses abroad, such as the United States, you can check with the website of the US Department of Education or the Council on Higher Education.

Please note that not all universities have accreditation to conduct online collegess, especially those abroad.

Therefore, be sure to be careful in choosing if you are interested in taking online courses at overseas universities.

2. Choose a level

After settling into the college of your choice, first select the appropriate level before applying.

Will you enroll in an undergraduate (S1), postgraduate (S2) or doctoral (S3) program?

Generally, in Indonesia, the online collegess are undergraduate programs because the number of students is very large.

For advanced program levels, it may or may not be online depending on the policies of each university.

On the other hand, most of the universities abroad have offered all the programs online.

3. Choose a specialty

Next, choose a major that fits your interests and hope to support your career path in the future.

Choosing a major that best suits your interests is very important because then your skills can develop as well.

Additionally, also make sure that the major you wish to choose is available on your desired campus.

In this case only in the event that you do not have your preferred specialty at a university, you should have a second option.

4. Define your flexibility

It can be argued that this last point is only available for choosing an overseas campus that offers a large number of alternatives.

You can select your desired class schedule based on the following options:

  • Timed Online Courses

All class participants can access academic materials online through their own devices.

However, all participants are required to attend virtual classes that take place at certain times.

  • open schedule

This program also tends to be flexible because participants can start the course at any time regardless of the current semester system.

There are rarely any discussion activities for this program, and you can complete the tasks within a specified time based on the start time.

  • asynchronous

This program is the most flexible because participants are allowed to complete and discuss tasks at any time.

As long as you can complete the assignment before the due date, you are welcome to follow the materials online whenever you like.

These were some of the easy steps for choosing a campus to study online from in and out of the country.