Popular online bachelor degree

When you think of studying abroad, studying remotely may not be the first thing that comes to your mind. But more and more, students interested in trying an international education are drawn to degrees from international institutions that can be experienced in the comfort of their home country.

Students can experience new cultures through different teaching methods and curricula, benefit from stricter academic standards or higher quality of teaching compared to local institutions, and the prestige offered by international degrees. All without the difficult visa process and costs of traveling abroad.

If you are interested in studying for a bachelor degree online, get inspired by our community of over 5 million interested prospective international students!

Popular Online Bachelor degree

1. BA in International Relations and Diplomacy

The most famous virtual bachelor degree in international relations and diplomacy offered by the International University of Schiller in Germany.

Gain the skills you need to pursue life in government, business, journalism, international organizations and law firms, or acquire the necessary skills and knowledge if you choose to pursue graduate studies in political science and international relations.

With a year of liberal arts studies to equip you with a broad range of history, economics, political science, and international relations, you can then apply your rigorous analytical skills by working on case studies, engaging in debate, and gaining hands-on training in conflict negotiation and mediation.

2. Bachelor of Sports Management

If you have a love for sports and are interested in turning that passion into a career, take a look at our popular Bachelor’s programs in Sports Management.

You will master the well-established theoretical framework of sports management, strategy, marketing and research methodologies, and gain the skills and knowledge necessary to advance and succeed in a career in the sports industry. In addition to your undergraduate degree, you will also earn an extended Level 4 and Level 5 ATHE Diploma in Management, officially recognized by OFQUAL in the UK, allowing students to complete an additional year at a leading UK university and earn twice their Bachelor degree. Degree.

Some of the key features of the program include a diverse student body, validation by international accrediting bodies, and an exciting range of guest speakers from the sports industry.

3. Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)

Developed and led by certified psychologists, this psychology degree allows students to discover the exciting world of psychology 100% online and part-time. This recognized qualification can prepare you for a variety of jobs and opportunities.

If exploring several thought-provoking topics such as forensic, investigative psychology, educational psychology, sports and exercise psychology, and critical social psychology sounds interesting, be sure to check it out!

By graduating, you will have an understanding of the scientific and theoretical foundations of the discipline of psychology and have developed a detailed knowledge of some of the specialized fields and applications of psychology.

As you progress toward your career, you will also acquire a number of transferable skills including critical thinking, communication, evidence-based reasoning, investigative skills, data analysis, and more.

4. BBA in Sustainability Management

Are you looking for a highly interactive and practical undergraduate student in sustainability management?

With this program, you will learn how to strategically integrate sustainable practices into every business process to provide the additional competitive advantage required in today’s complex business environment. You will be exposed to real business operations through regular interactions with the business community and the business world.

You will also develop leadership and intercultural skills and will be exposed to hands-on experience during experience camps, field trips and visits to international organizations under close expert supervision. interesting?

5. Bachelor of Data Science

Data scientist has been known as the most attractive profession of the 21st century. why? This field offers a diverse mix of abilities, skills and opportunities for a discipline that is never boring. You will learn how to create insights and value from raw data to make yourself truly valuable to digital companies in all sectors.

This international undergraduate program is an ideal opportunity to gain relevant experience and start competing. Join the alumni who will take on executive roles in today’s data revolution.